Magic Liner (Clear)


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This liner goes on completely clear.. you won't be able to tell you have any eyeliner on!

How to use:

1) Gently shake before use. Line & fill one layer of eyeliner on the eye, wait 20 seconds then apply a second layer of the eyeliner. Let it get tacky.

2) Apply your Presstiletto lashes (can be used with any type of lash strip including and not limited to magnetic or regular strip lashes) on top of the eyeliner adjusting it closely near the natural lashes.

3) For extra hold apply more eyeliner in the inner corners.

Size: 1 ML

Ingredients: Aqua/Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer/Proylene Glycol/Xanthan Gum/Phenoxyethanol/May contain D&C black No. 2 (Cl 77266)