Outta this world (glow in the dark)


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This isn't an ordinary jelly set.. the entire set is an ombre rainbow jelly w/ silver glitter polish! And the best part? The nail art is not only 3D but they glow in the dark!

Left (pinky to thumb): blue/purple ombre w/ heart w/ an eye in the middle, green/blue ombre w/ melting smiley face w/ glitter eyes, orange/green ombre w/ alien heads scattered, yellow/orange ombre w/ rainbow, orange/pink ombre w/ bolts.

Right (thumb to pinky): pink/orange ombre w/ shooting stars, yellow/orange ombre w/ melting mushroom w/ glitter base, orange/green ombre w/ cheetah print, green/blue ombre w/ a planet, blue/purple ombre w/ clouds.

PLEASE NOTE: This set is 100% hand painted therefore details may slightly vary.